Side Hustle Ideas To Make You Money

this post will explore the most profitable side hustles of 2022, and some might even be unique side hustle ideas you have not heard of before. And my favorite is to explore side hustles to start with no money.

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Side Hustle Ideas To Make You Money

Looking for ways to make money aside from your full time job? I mean who would say no to extra money?

All side hustles start with an idea or purpose. 

What is your idea? What is the reason behind wanting to start a side business that can bring you extra cash every month, but also give you some joy from your routine, as you embark into the journey of exploring a more creative path in your life.

You have probably heard of drop shipping and food delivery as options for side hustles.

But let’s be real, you are probably looking for ways to make extra cash without having to leave your house or having to control inventory because you know that would be a massive undertaking and a huge stressor added to your already busy schedule.

So, this post will explore the most profitable side hustles of 2022, and some might even be unique side hustle ideas you have not heard of before. And my favorite is to explore side hustles to start with no money.

This post is all about side hustle ideas to make you money.


A side hustle is any type of work or employment that a person takes on in addition to their regular job in a traditional full time capacity.

It is essentially a side job you oftentimes would like to take on as a way to make extra cash to pay off debt, save or invest more money, or simply you are looking for ways to be creative and learn new skills.


If you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck, want more money to go on vacations, plan for retirement, or pay off debt faster, a side hustle might be the perfect solution for you.

According to NASDAQ 1 in 3 Americans have a side hustle. And a survey done by indicates that in 2021 alone there were at least 24% Americans attempting to start a side hustle, this number keeps growing as the years go on.

You don’t have to be a part of the 24%, because you are reading this post, we will ensure you are living this page equipped with the basics to start a side hustle of your own.

Now, let’s dive into some of the benefits of starting a side hustle:

Make extra money: this is the most obvious one, and it is often the reason why people start their second job. You can open so many doors with this one benefit alone, you can pay off debt faster, you can retire more confidently, you could support your family, and many other awesome things that come with having extra cash.

Flexibility: you can make your own hours and determine how much or how little you want to earn, this can be an important benefit as you are doing it on top of another full time job.

Future opportunities: there are so many success stories (we will explore some of those later in this post) about how people started side hustles and were able to turn that into their main source of income.

Learn new skills: having a side hustle will require tons of research, discipline and organizational skills, but you can also learn much more that could benefit you to become a much well -rounded person at work or personal life. For example with my side hustle of this blog I have learned how to put a website together, I am practicing my writing skills, which I have always wanted to get better at.

Diversify your income: according to the IRS the typical millionaire has various sources of income, and so even if you may not want to be a millionaire, this can serve you, imagine we have to go through another recession and you lose your job, you have with a click of button lose your only source of income that you need to live and survive.

I am sure there are many other benefits, but I think you get the picture. If you have a specific benefit to side hustling that I did not list, please leave a comment below and let’s chat.


Having access to something so powerful like the internet and social media, makes starting a side hustle so much easier, and possible.

But how do you actually start a side hustle, especially one where you can leverage what you already have/own, are talented at.

The first step would be to identify what is one thing you are good at, things people come to you for advice, what above average skill do you possess that people will be willing to pay for.

This can be a service, an item, time, etc.

You can also choose something you are interested in learning more about and as you learn you can offer others access to the things you have learned.

For example if you are a teacher, it is highly likely that you might be above average when it comes to teaching/tutoring.

Before you drive yourself crazy trying to figure out that unique thing you can offer others, here are some things to consider when you are thinking about starting a side hustle:

Are you passionate about that thing you want to offer the world? Remember launching and maintaining a successful business/side hustle is not easy, so it is best to have a passion for it so that you don’t lose interest or become easily frustrated.

Is there a need or a market looking for this service or product? You can have passion and tons of skills but if not enough people want to buy your product or service, then you will have  a nice business that makes no money.

And lastly do you actually have the skills to do this? Yes, you can learn, but how quickly can you actually learn to have that level of expertise to motivate others to want to put money behind it.

You should now take an inventory of your time, how much time do you have to dedicate to the side hustle aside from your full time job and other responsibilities. Knowing this will help you determine how many hours you will be able to work on your business and still have some time to enjoy yourself.

The time you have available will also help you determine if you should go for something more passive (less time needed) or something more active requiring more of YOU.

Once you find “your thing” and how much time you will have to spend on this business is time to determine what you will need to get started, what type of equipment, marketing avenue, software, etc.

If you get too overwhelmed, you can look into sites that have all of these already set up for you, especially if you are offering a service, such as Fiverr, Contra, and Upwork.

Ok, I think you have waited long enough, the most important thing and reason why you are here is to learn about some potential lucrative and relatively easy side hustle ideas that do not require prior experience or skills.

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant requires little to no skill, other than those you already know or have.

It requires for you to be organize, proactive and resourceful

Essentially there are many different types of virtual assistants, we have administrative, which are often the easier to start with. Here you could be taking care of data entry, social media calendar management, inbox management, among others admin tasks.

Executive VA – often require some sort of administrative assistant experience, you must like helping executives, CEOs, and business owners with their day to day calendar management, trip booking, event planning, etc.

Specialized OR social VA – Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, these are areas that I have used VAs myself as well as other colleagues in the industry. They essentially create graphics for social media, post those graphis with content we provide, manage comment section, data and reporting on progress of the platforms.

A VA can charge an hourly rate or a monthly rate with a max amount of hours allotted to each month and that can range from $15/hr starting out to $1500/month per client

Note that towards the end of the video I will let you know where you can find these jobs and how to get your first client if you are just starting out.

Data Entry 

Another job that can be done from anywhere and does not require any experience or skills.

You do have to ensure that you are a very detail oriented person, because the person hiring you is going to expect perfection on the data entry you are providing.

The data that you will handle will also be confidential, and so it is important that you are trustworthy with this information.

An example I can give you is I hired someone to do data entry and past LinkedIn posts collection with amount of views, comments, reactions, and shares, as well as letting me know when it was posted and the direct link to the post.

Another example could be client tracking of personal information, testimonials, or even number tracking.

This can be one of the easiest jobs to get because they tend to be temporary and quick. Now, if it’s a corporation like a medical facility they might have long term opportunities.

For data entry jobs the hourly rate ranges from $12-$20/hr

Social Media Coordinator or Manager 

This is a job that is in high demand, because many people are launching their business, some might not be very versed on social media.

Social media is extremely important for the growth of a business in this day and age. And so, many side hustlers and entrepreneurs might not have the time to learn how to use a certain social media platform, or they might have the time it requires to post, engage, and share.

You can provide various levels of services such as writing posts, posting videos, making graphics, engaging, replying, following.

This can also be hourly, project, part time, full time, it really depends on your needs and lifestyle.

It can start on average of $35/hr – $1500/month or $60K/yr

Cold caller for real estate agents 

This is less glamorous, but pays well and on top of your hourly rate you can make commission on any qualified lead that becomes a buying customer.

So you are calling a list of potential buyers that the agent is already provingin and they will also provide you with pre-planned questions to ask the person on the phone

This usually pays up to $50/hr.



Ghost Writer 

As a ghost writer you will write copy for a client, company or brand. This can include blogs, articles, sales pages, websites.

This type of job usually pays per project. I hired a ghost writer once to do a time sensitive blog post that I was not going to have the time to write myself and for $75 I had a 1500 words blog written in 48 hrs.





I did this for free in college HAHA, I used to tutor people on time management and Spanish, and I was being tutored on physics (yikes)

But those subjects are often the most common for tutoring, math, science, engineering, etc. So if you are good on those subjects there can be a lot of money to be made.

A  lot of parents are looking for this type of support for their children.

This can start at $20/hr each depending on the subject/area you are tutoring on.

Video Editor 

A video editor is in high demand now because video is taking over in the marketing and online business space and so you will have many business owners and content creators needing help in this area for two reason:

Lack of expertise in video editing OR not having the time as this can be time-consuming.

This one will require you to know how to use software to edit the videos on, such as final cut pro, adobe premiere, or iMovie.

But it is a skill that you learn once and will be able to make money on it going forward.

It can start at $20/hr or you can also charge per project or per video completed.

Some other fun side hustle ideas that make money

  • Dog Walker/Sitter
  • Etsy Shop Owner* 
  • Blogging* 
  • Real Estate Agent
  • YouTube Channel* 
  • Podcast Host*
  • Website Builder

The ones with the asterisk mean it requires time to be built out to something that makes you money and or requires a little more technical expertise.

Anytway, I hope this blog post serves you well, and excited for you to potentially launch your very own side hustle, when you do please be sure to share with the community.


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