Ah the daunting world of investing, are you intimidated just by hearing the word? Don’t because the investment bros are great at Marketing and that is why you feel that way. I went to business school and I was also once terrified of the term. Investing is actually super simple, although not common sense to many of us, but this blog is about to give you the boost of confidence you didn’t know you needed to get submerged into the world of financial independence.

Invest Money

How I manage my money as a 29 year old in NYC

Are you looking for personal money management tips? As an immigrant and first-generation coming from the Latin community, money was always something I never learned

Invest Money

Wealthfront – Honest review and the complete guide

Have you been trying to start investing and found it overwhelming? I hear you; investing can be complicated. This post is about the Wealthfront review, a Robo-advisor that helps you get started with investments.


be happy. it drives people crazy.