How to make money as a teenager online

Earning money as a teenager can be hard, because of the restrictions, and time constraints, and you need/want to make money because as a teenager, you have things you’d like to pay for without having to burden your parents. 

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Are you a teenager wondering how you can start making money to support your entertainment budget, or maybe even help your family financially?

Earning money as a teenager can be hard, because of the restrictions, and time constraints, and you need/want to make money because as a teenager, you have things you’d like to pay for without having to burden your parents. 

Starting to make money as a teenager can also set you up for future financial success if you are well versed and educated about how to best invest your money, of course, and still have fun and buy the things you want. 

Well, if you are a teenager and are looking for ways to make real money, where you can make your hours and not have to sit on a computer filling out hour-long surveys for .20cents an hour you have come to the right place. 

As you become more independent you might not want to be asking your parents for money to sustain your young but important lifestyle. 

This post is all about how to make money as a teenager online. 


As a teenager, you might not have to feel obligated to earn an income, but it could be a great idea, and although I worked since I was 16 years old, I wish I would have known other ways to make my earned money work for me, as opposed to having spent it on shoes (literally, and the funny thing is those shoes don’t even fit me, after becoming a mom my feet grew and the rest is history).

Aside from wanting to have the cash to buy the new iPhone, Nintendo, or latest Yeezys, you might also be looking to start saving for a car, or college expenses, you might also have a great opportunity to start saving real money for bigger goals in the future. 

Because right now the biggest advantage you have over others is TIME, money and time together can become so powerful. 

This is possible because of the power of compound interest. Compound interest is the interest you make on top of interest, making your money grow exponentially over time. And when you are investing your money, time is much more important than money itself.


How old do you need to be to be able to make money online?

From what I have seen, most services and companies hiring for part-time seasonal work require applicants to be at least 18 years old. 

However, there are many opportunities you can explore, like launching your own service-based business, that will have no such restrictions. 

Of course, you might want to obtain the permission of your legal guardian or caretaker. 

Do I need to pay taxes on the money I earn as a teenager? 

Yes, if you live in a country where taxes are required you will have to pay taxes on any income earned. 

If you are doing a role that provides a W-2, most likely the taxes are already being deducted, however, if you have your own business you will have to pay taxes individually, or you can hire an accountant to take care of the filing for you. 

What is the best way to manage the money I make online as a teenager? 

This is the question that I love, and I wish I would have asked this question when I was a teenager making pretty good money working in retail. 

The best way to manage your money is to track it and give it a plan, a purpose, or a goal. 

Why are you making money? Is it because you want to help your family financially, want to have money for the things you want to buy? Or simply because you want to save, invest, or pay down debt? 

Once you know the reason why you want to earn the money, to begin, you can start tracking how much you earn, how much you spend, and how much money you will need to accomplish your money goals. 

The best recommendation is to open a savings account, checking account, and brokerage account, if you are younger than 18, you will need custodial permission to open these accounts. 

Good money management starts with simply tracking what comes in, and what comes out, and giving each dollar a purpose. 

Here are some ideas on the goals/plans you can use as inspiration once you learn how to make money as a teenager without a job online: 

  • Saving for any emergencies or big purchases you are planning for the future
    • Here, you can divide your goals into long and short term
  • Invest your money in the stock market. Of course, you want to ensure you do your research and learn a little bit about investing before you decide to dive head first 

How do I manage my time as a teenager working and making money online aside from my other school priorities? 

This is why this list is going to be mind-blowing if you are looking for ways to make money online as a teenager. 

You technically set your hours and have the flexibility to work as many hours or as few hours as you or your school schedule allows. 

When I was working retail, which does not allow a lot of flexibility, I used to work evenings after school and tons of weekends.

The best way to manage your time no matter what stage in your life you are, is to set time aside on your calendar, whatever that calendar is. I like to use Google calendar because it sinks to all my devices. 

What you can do is first block the times you absolutely can’t work, like when you are in school, sports events, and other time-bound responsibilities. 

Once you have that blocked then look at the empty spaces for time available and you will be able to plug chunks of time to dedicate to work on whatever job you have decided to take on.

Also, ask yourself how much time you are willing to work, remember it is nice to make money, but you should also leave room to relax, unwind and enjoy your precious time as a teen.  



Video has become one of the most fascinating forms of marketing in today’s social media space, and editing is surprisingly easy to learn if you like to tell stories through video and enjoy being creative, while also wanting to stay off the spotlight. 

This can be a great and highly lucrative side business you can start as a teenager. 

The best thing is you can do it from anywhere. You will need a computer and potentially a portfolio to show potential clients. A portfolio can be easily made by taking someone’s video (with their permission), editing it super nice, and showing them as proof you know how to do a good job. 

You can also learn how to edit for free by searching YouTube videos on video editing and taking free online courses.

Video editing can be one of the best-paying jobs for teenagers. 

The average hourly rate for this can be $40 but it can be a lot higher depending on your skills. 


This is probably the most obvious one, but you can be creative on what it is that you want and can tutor on. 

Tutoring in languages, math, and coding is the most highly demanded tutoring service often sought out by parents of children that need the extra help or simply want them to be more advanced for future opportunities.

You could earn up to $21 an hour, but potentially more if you are doing it independently from an agency or school. 


Another one of my favorite recommendations for teenagers trying to learn how to make money online. 

If you are a teenager in 2022, chances are you know how to use social media, any platform, or at least one platform. 

Tons of small business owners or even side hustlers are constantly looking for ways to grow their social media accounts.

Pick one platform, it could be Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, and get good at understanding how this platform works, understand and study successful people on those platforms and get to work by pitching people and offering them your services. 

These services can be, posting on their behalf with the content they already created, creating graphics, commenting, managing their DMs. The list goes on, you can truly pitch any type of help to someone that needs social media management assistance.

I have seen successful social media managers earn up to $10K per month doing this. 


If you are not about the life of taking on clients or are more of an introvert and would like to avoid having on-to-one conversations, then this one idea on how to make money online as a teenager is going to be your gold mine. 

I have two reliable websites you can sign up for, so you just need to show up and do the work ONLINE, and not have to deal with finding clients so that you can make money. 

That gotranscript and , those are very reputable online transcription services that technically pay you to listen to and type what is being said in a video or audio file. 

I have used these services for some of my videos and podcast episodes. 

You can earn up to $1500/mo doing this. 


If you have ever posted a review on an amazon product then this one can be a golden goose for you. 

Reviewing UI products can be a super cool way to make money as a teenager.  

All you do is review the website or app that a developer is trying to launch to the public and you give them your honest opinion on how the experience was while you were using the product/app or website. 

This helps them make the product better before launching it to the general public. 

Each session is roughly $10 and it usually takes around 20 minutes to complete


This can be one of the most lucrative ones. 

If you are a good and natural writer this can really help you make tons of money and also practice your writing skills. 

Places like Fiverr, Upwork, and ghostwriting agencies pay big bucks from people looking to hire writers for their blogs, books, and websites. 

There have been super successful people that started freelance writing and now makeup up $8,000 per month writing different types of media, articles, blog posts, etc.

And that will take us to the end of this post. You will notice that there are so many other ideas I could add here, like a blog, YouTube channel, and those things and I totally recommend you look into having your brand online because I believe that will carry a lot of weight in the future, but I know you are looking for ways to make money now, and unless you already have some sort of substantial following elsewhere you won’t be able to monetize those as quick as offering a service like the ones I mentioned in this post. 

I hope this has served you in the best way because I am sure this is the right place if you have ever wondered the following:

  • Make money online
  • Online jobs for 16-year-olds at home
  • How to make money as a teenager

As always please leave your comments and questions below, I read every single one. If you have suggestions for future posts I am happy to consider them. 

This blog post was all about how to make money online under 18. In this post, I revealed the most effective and tried strategies I implemented to create a plan that I can use to finally become financially independent. 


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How to make money as a teenager online

Earning money as a teenager can be hard, because of the restrictions, and time constraints, and you need/want to make money because as a teenager, you have things you’d like to pay for without having to burden your parents.