Save Money

Tired of the never-ending paycheck-to-paycheck cycle? Looking for ways to save some serious money? If you have to try to save money but life slash gets in the way, because hey, it happens, then you have come to the right place. I have two small little girls, own a home, and have a car, everything is something breaking down, the house is always needing some sort of repair, and did I mention that my girl is still wearing diapers? Well, take a look at the carefully crafted ray of blog posts for you to learn how to save more money.

Save Money

6 Tips to mastering your finances in your 20s

In this episode, we will discuss six personal finance tips or more decisions I have made to help me in the journey to becoming debt-free, creating generational wealth for my kids, and having plenty of money for retirement.

Save Money

Here’s your guide to saving 10K FAST

Saving this amount of money is not an easy task, but I will show you how to achieve that financial goal in this post.  Let’s do it!

Invest Money

How I manage my money as a 29 year old in NYC

Are you looking for personal money management tips? As an immigrant and first-generation coming from the Latin community, money was always something I never learned

Save Money

How to budget *YouTube video embedded*

If you want and need to take control of your money, spending, and earnings, I think a budget is the best way to go about this, at least at the beginning of your money management journey. 


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