7 most commonly asked questions on a job interview

This blog post is all about the 7 most commonly asked questions in a job interview. This article will also cover best practices on how to answer these questions, and why employers like to ask these questions.

Wealthfront – Honest review and the complete guide

Have you been trying to start investing and found it overwhelming? I hear you; investing can be complicated. This post is about the Wealthfront review, a Robo-advisor that helps you get started with investments.

How to budget *YouTube video embedded*

If you want and need to take control of your money, spending, and earnings, I think a budget is the best way to go about this, at least at the beginning of your money management journey. 

How to make money as a teenager online

Earning money as a teenager can be hard, because of the restrictions, and time constraints, and you need/want to make money because as a teenager, you have things you’d like to pay for without having to burden your parents. 

What is a High Yield Savings Account (HYSA) The complete guide 2022

Ok, so you are wondering what a HYSA is? A High Yield Savings Account is a type of savings account that allows your money to earn higher interest than it would in a traditional savings account.  And to think the majority of consumers have their savings in a traditional savings account at a brick-and-mortar bank, […]