My story

Growing up low income and being an immigrant have given me a very different perspective around money. 

I always thought you had to be born into money, win the lottery, or become famous in order to be rich or financially stable. 

I could not be further from the truth. My first memory around money is that it is a scarce and limited resource and often the source of all evil. 

Never really thinking or realizing that money is the door that opens many opportunities and that allows you to have opportunities. 

Fast forward to early 2020, I saw myself in a super toxic job and with no way out because at the time I was living paycheck to paycheck, did not have any saving, and had 60K+ in student loans from my Masters degree.

That situation angered me enough to make me want to learn other ways to become financially savvy, I am not famous, I don’t play the lotto, and as you already know I was not born into money.

I went to business school so I had a basic grasp on financial and investment concepts, so I took myself by bootstraps and learn all I could about retirement accounts, I beefed up an emergency fund, opened up my first brokerage account and invested my first $100USD. 

In that same breath I made a plan to start paying my debt, and today I finally built up the courage to post this blog to stay accountable and to also teach other fellow first generation Latino(as) to learn about the power of investing even if you are broke and in debt. 

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