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I’m Eddiana Rosen, a first-gen college student, immigrant Latina, tech recruiter, and content creator. I teach people how to navigate the complicated job search process and how to manage their money.


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Save Money

6 Tips to mastering your finances in your 20s

In this episode, we will discuss six personal finance tips or more decisions I have made to help me in the journey to becoming debt-free, creating generational wealth for my kids, and having plenty of money for retirement.

Save Money

Here’s your guide to saving 10K FAST

Saving this amount of money is not an easy task, but I will show you how to achieve that financial goal in this post.  Let’s do it!

Invest Money

How I manage my money as a 29 year old in NYC

Are you looking for personal money management tips? As an immigrant and first-generation coming from the Latin community, money was always something I never learned

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Make Money

Top 9 Money Management Books That Will Change Your Life

Are you looking to expand your knowledge when it comes to money management? This blog post has a curated list of the top beginner-friendly money management books to get you started on your quest to learn more about money management.

Make Money

Side Hustle Ideas To Make You Money

this post will explore the most profitable side hustles of 2022, and some might even be unique side hustle ideas you have not heard of before. And my favorite is to explore side hustles to start with no money.

Make Money

How to make money as a teenager online

Earning money as a teenager can be hard, because of the restrictions, and time constraints, and you need/want to make money because as a teenager, you have things you’d like to pay for without having to burden your parents. 


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